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Visiting a Premature Baby: Do’s and Don’ts of Going to a Preemie Home

Your friend or family has finally brought their baby home from the NICU, and you’re excited to meet their little miracle, but unsure of how to approach the family altogether. Don’t worry, as long as you stick to this simple do’s and don’ts written by a preemie mom, visiting a premature baby will be a happy and smooth time for everyone! Do Listen to the Parents’ Conditions (and Comply) Before visiting a premature baby, be […] Read more…

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10 Useful Tips that helped me Overcome a High-Risk Pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant, I was beyond happy, and, although at first, my experience was like any other, it soon became a high-risk pregnancy. By the time I was 20 weeks pregnant, I was showing shockingly early signs of pre-eclampsia, and my world crumbled. Whatever beautiful future I had imagined with my husband and child soon vanished to make way for a despairing anxiety. I looked everywhere for cases similar to mine, […] Read more…

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